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Duplex and single-family homes are both popular types of residential properties, but they have varying characteristics that are suited to different types of buyers. It is crucial for home owners to select the correct type of house to avoid problems down the road. 


A duplex is a type of residential property that consists of two separate living units within the same building. Each unit typically has its own entrance, kitchen, and bathroom, and they may share some common areas such as a backyard or a laundry room. Duplexes are often used as rental properties, with one unit being rented out to tenants while the other is occupied by the owner.

Calgary Modern Farmhouse Duplex


Single family homes are standalone properties that are designed for one family to live in. They usually have a private yard or garden and offer more privacy than duplexes. 


Many of the duplexes our Bright Custom Homes team have built have generally ranged from 1600-2200 sq ft. In comparison, single-family homes have a much greater range from 1800-2800 sq ft. This allows them to be suitable for varying family sizes. Single-family homes may also include an attached garage, as well as a bigger yard. Duplexes tend to have smaller yards and a rear detached garage.


Duplexes are often found in more urban or densely populated areas. They are commonly in neighbourhoods with a mix of residential and commercial properties, such as in city centres or older urban areas. Having a home closer to downtown will be beneficial for some as it reduces transportation time to work. Single family homes, on the other hand, are more commonly found in suburban or rural areas. These areas have larger lots and a lower population density, providing more space for standalone homes with private yards. Suburban neighbourhoods are often characterized with amenities like parks, schools, and shopping centres in close proximity.


In many cases, duplexes tend to be more affordable than single family homes, particularly in urban or densely populated areas. This is because duplexes offer two separate living units within the same building, allowing for a more efficient use of land and construction costs. The cost of land and construction is shared between the two units, which can result in a lower overall price compared to a single-family home with a similar size and amenities.

Single family homes are often priced higher due to their standalone nature and the additional privacy and space they offer. Standalone homes typically have larger lots and private yards, which can increase the overall cost of the property. Additionally, single family homes may be in higher demand, especially in suburban or desirable neighborhoods, which can drive up their prices.

The decision between a duplex versus a single-family home ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. It’s always recommended to work with a local real estate agent or do thorough research to understand the housing market dynamics and availability of different types of properties in your desired location, size and price.

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